The brand Atelier Bachwitz is deleted from the registry of the Austrian patent office.

Arnold Bachwitz publishes Der Modezeichner, followed by Chic Parisien, Die große Mode and Die elegante Frau

On the 27th of November “Arnold Bachwitz publisher of printed materials” registers the first logo used in periodical publications. Showing the Viennese cathedral in the background, the logo has the slogan "Kunst und Geschmack” (Art and Taste) at its center.

The company of Arnold Bachwitz moves into the Palais des Beaux Arts. Designed by architects Anton and Josef Drexler, the Art Nouveau building houses printing facilities in the basement, apartments for the Bachwitz family as well as exhibition spaces. It is meant to embody the spirit of the ‘Beaux Arts’.  That same year, the brand “Kunst und Geschmack”, registered 10 years earlier, is deleted from the registry. 

The company “Kunstgewerbliches Unternehmen für Modefachblätter Arnold Bachwitz", registers a brand to be used for “Modefachblätter” (fashion magazines). The registration is accompanied by a logo depicting a globe, a train, a boat, along with the slogan “TOUJOURS EN AVANT” as well as “Atelier Bachwitz Trademark”. Since 1912, the same logo is already in use on the publication “Wiener Blusenmodelle” or “Album Blouses Nouvelles, Chic Parisien”.


The company “Kunstgewerbliches Unternehmen für Modefachblätter Arnold Bachwitz" registers two other brands along with two logos. The logos each depict an image of five women carrying a globe. The first one with the name Moderne Welt on it and the second without it. The first three issues of the periodical Moderne Welt were published just before, in 1918. 

The brand registered in 1914, the “Atelier Bachwitz Trademark”, and the logo “TOUJOURS EN AVANT” are deleted from the registry.

The company “Bachwitz AG, Palast der schönen Künste und Modenverlag”, registers three brands within one month. The goods category chosen for the registered brand is “Schnittmusterbogen-Journale" (pattern sheet journals). They are all accompanied by two images, one of a pattern, and one of silhouettes with slightly different texts in French or German.

Both “Moderne Welt” brands registered ten years earlier are not prolonged and therefore deleted from the registry. Nevertheless, the publication continues until 1939. 

Arnold Bachwitz dies on November 12th at the age of 76 of natural causes in Vienna (1854–1930). His wife Rosine Bachwitz takes over as the primary caretaker of Bachwitz AG.


All three brands registered ten years earlier are deleted from the registry.

The name of the publishing house is changed to Wiener Weltmode-Verlag AG. “With this change its purpose is significantly expanded and it was then actually commissioned to carry out measures of an educational nature in the field of fashion within the framework of the cultural and economic reconstruction program of the German Labor Front”.

Restitution reports from the council of the city of Vienna show that some 45 magazines were still in the library of the city of Vienna. The magazines had been given to the library in 1938 after the Aryanization of the Bachwitz AG and the takeover of the company by Adolf Luser.


Atelier Bachwitz changes ownership. The publishing house German Labour Front (Verlag der Deutschen Arbeitsfront (DAF)) acquires 20,000 shares of the company and thus becomes the majority owner.

Wiener Weltmode-Verlag AG becomes the property of the Republic of Austria, existing almost exclusively on paper. Anton Heinrich Drexler is appointed as public administrator on February 9.

With no remaining assets, the Wiener Weltmode-Verlag AG (formerly Atelier Bachwitz AG) is officially dissolved by the State of Austria.

Atelier Bachwitz is registered as a brand. The brand is registered to the Verein of the Palais des Beaux Arts by Antoine Turillon to be used for goods and services such as monuments - not out of metal, commemorative shields, and fashion design consulting services.