Claire Tolan

26 September 2016 — 15 January 2017


Claire Tolan predicts SHUSH, a nascent fork of ASMR, and develops strategies for the deployment of SHUSH upon its arrival in our world. SHUSH will come as an answer to the crippling sublime that the individual experiences in the face of complex, planetary-scale systems — climate (and its change), finance, computing, etc. — and the catatonia that this sublime produces.

SHUSH will reformat our brains and our megastructures; it will refactor our systems. SHUSH demands the end of this world, and the inauguration of the next one. And yet, for now, there it remains, hanging on the horizon, always approaching but never arriving, crystallized as a to-come. SHUSH is left-behind even as it becomes later and later for its scheduled appointment.

After a two day workshop hosted by Claire Tolan, the first ever public performance of the SHUSH choir premiered at mo.ë in Vienna as a co-production with the UNSAFE+SOUNDS festival.

The SHUSH Choir: Milena Georgieva, Bartholomäus Wächter, Fabian Faltin, Simone Borghi, Franziska Huemer, and Claire Tolan.