Sanke of Norway

12 November 2015 — 15 January 2016


While artists have a long history of investigating the imagery of commerce, and corporations commission artists to up value their products, never before has the company itself been granted individual artistic agency. As a former high-end fashion publishing house turned proto-institutional construction, the Palais des Beaux Arts is the perfect location to consider the emergence of a deeper relation between luxury, fashion and artistic production.

Introducing the Avant-luxury brand SANKE, from the Norwegian word meaning 'to gather'. SANKE offers health, beauty and vibrancy. The unique luxury items from this company are gathered according to seasonal availability and handcrafted after artisan traditions. By reviving evolutionary principles of health, SANKE provides the body with what it has always needed, offering its customers the opportunity to experience life as it ought to be.

SANKE premiered their new moving image campaign at Palais de Beaux Arts. A hybrid between art movie and advertisement, the video shows the Avant-luxury lifestyle of SANKE. With products combining ancient knowledge and cutting-edge science, a true luxury is created; one that will feel both new yet familiar. The video shows current products and new releases, emphasizing natural beauty. The main goal is not simply to generate affection for the company’s products, but to enable a reconnection with nature and the patterns of bodily desire formed through evolution.