Palais des Beaux Arts Publishing

Sophie-Carolin Wagner

— 2019


Palais des Beaux Arts Publishing is a sculpture that holds fragments from the history of Atelier Bachwitz, the founders of the Palais des Beaux Arts Wien. Throughout the exhibition, Data Loam. Sometimes Hard, Usually Soft at AIL (Angewandte Innovations Lab), a limited edition of Palais des Beaux Arts Publishing was distributed in the form of modified USB thumb drives. The edition included a detailed description of the archival rules for the object, My Blood Strangers and digitized materials from Atelier Bachwitz’s ‘Chic Parisien’. The object was designed to enter archival conditions, its form questioning standards of archival library practices. The exhibition served as an initial platform for the distribution of the publication.




The issue you now have was part of a larger body of work and is only a fragment of what remains. It was ripped out by the circumstances of history and archived unsystematically, or at least so it seems. This is where I need your help dear archivist, to assist in preserving and distributing these materials, and ensuring the persistence of what otherwise will be lost once again.

* excerpt / #1_Dear Archivist.txt