(Router Garden)

Fabian Faltin, Nikola Hansalik, Seth Weiner (PdBA)

2018 —


Data needs to be tended to and cared for, much like the planted matter in a garden. Directly across from the Palais des Beaux Arts building is Rudolf-von-Alt-Platz, a grass covered public space used primarily by dogs, the occasional transgressive pedestrian, and a ring of parked cars. Discussions began about how the space could be transformed into a living monument to the Bachwitz family, who had built and worked from the Palais des Beaux Arts until it was aryanized. Through the construction of a “router garden” that references fashion publications from Atelier Bachwitz, the axis of the park would be redirected toward the entrance of the Palais. Data would thereby become monumental and oscillate between different materialities.